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The word "Dacion " comes from giving , ie , giving in payment. It is a method to make payment of a loan, which can be mortgage , leading to transfer ownership or ownership of the property insolventado voluntarily by the debtor to the creditor to extinguish the obligation.


It is a very appropriate way to look out of debt when there are no more roads and other family finances can not comply with the credits. But this is not very easy to be accepted by banks, must meet certain requirements , sometimes they hinder both the process not reach a successful conclusion , must proceed the creditor , paradoxically , by legal action seeking obtain payment of their claims against the auction of the property.      




Vivienda Gratuita
Free housing program under the government of President Juan Manuel Santos is intended to benefit Colombian families to obtain housing priority interest . The national government introduced a bill being discussed in Congress and after approval , shall be regulated , which also aims to encourage the construction of such housing 
The idea of ​​not having cost the property is for some stakeholders the best attraction of the program that the Government currently has , but there is no certainty of who may be favored in principle is said to apply to people of no higher incomes the minimum wage, displaced , victims rainy season , among others.
For  now it started to yield results is the opportunity to cheat, as is being detected that some avivatos advantage of the need of people are offering forms that cost between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 to enroll in the census of families obtain housing free. So the Minister of Housing, Dr. Germán Vargas Lleras , warned that " has not made ​​any announcement or have been issued forms, and anyone trying to falsify documents to get to shelter, shall incur fraud subsidies and , according with the provisions of the Penal Code , such conduct gives imprisonment between five and nine years. "

In Colombia and is allowed to make advance payments in any credit transaction , quotas or balances in whole or in part , with the consequent settlement of interest payment day , without penalty charges . The debtor will decide whether the partial payment , which runs to the capital held by decreasing the time or fee.

This right of all financial consumer does not apply to mortgage loans, or those that are greater than 880 monthly legal minimum wages , which are subject to contractual conditions for advance payment in each case.

 If the debtor has several loans with the same entity, you can only prepay these to the top of the 880 monthly legal minimum wages . And if you have them with different entities , you can prepay each up to this limit.



What is required to sale a property?


To sale your property its iportant to keep in mind the following:

1.  To have your property tax update and obtain the receipt.
2. Not having domain limitations(reserves, family patrimony, reserves.) 
3. To have the upraisal up to date .
4. To have occasional upraisals up to date with their receipts(Cali-21 Megaobras). 
5. The property should be seizure free.
6. Not having any disputes on the propery.
Notarias de cali
Notaries in  cali
Tips to consider for purchase
• Look for a home to suit your family and your budget.
• Identify the area of the property you want..
• How much do you want to you pay in administration fee .
• Define the purchase value
• Evaluate the architecture of the building, its layout, design , quality, etc.
• The mere value per square meter is not enough to set the price , there may be improvements.
Identify sites of interest , workplace , study, etc.
• Look up first for the  property on the Internet, will have opportunity to see photos , videos , and save time and money .
• Have several options.