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Property management

Avoid problems in the cumbersome management of their apartments, house, premises, offices, etc. It is important to have knowledge in laws and obligations arising from such relationships. Do not make the belief that simply buying a preform or contract application for everything to be ready. Behind this there are many all-important matters arising from the signing of a contract, which ends up being ignored by people who are not professionals in the field. Trust us, we are professional experts ready to help you in the administration of your property.

  1. If you own a house, apartment, shop, office, warehouse, office, studio apartment, give it up to us to manage and forget about the problem of keep on managing, just worry about receiving your monthly income.
  2. If your property is already leased ... no matter, Ferraíz can continue managing your property. Simply transfer the existing contract to us, naming us as landlords, moving the administration to the hands of Ferraíz.
Administración de inmuebles