Property management

Avoid problems in the cumbersome management of their apartments, house, local, office, etc It is important to have knowledge on the subject of rights and obligations that arise from this kind of relationships. Not incurred in the belief that it is enough for the purchase of a preform or model contract and everything is ready. Behind this there are many matters of great importance that arise from the signing of a contract, which ends up being ignored by people who are not professionals in the field. Trust us, professional experts are in service in the administration of their estate.

If you have a house, apartment, local, office, wine cellar, office, aparta-studio, give it to us and forget the problem to continue to run, only take care you receive your monthly income.

If your property is already leased... it doesn't matter, Ferraíz you can continue with the management of your property. A simple way to proceed with the transfer of the existing contract, to read the quality of landlords, moving the administration of the first and remaining in the hands of Ferraíz.